Work Study

Information and Application Form

What is Work Study?

Work Study is a program for more advanced music students (Senior in High School, College and Adults) to provide work in support of the Jazz Camp in place of paying tuition. Students accepted into the Work Study Program agree to work 20 hours, before, during or after the week of the Workshop for tasks such as:

  • Organizing and moving equipment (keyboards, drum kits, amplifiers, speakers, cables, music stands, etc.) used in the ensemble and master classes
  • Setting up ensemble rooms before the Workshop begins
  • Helping with clean-up for snack and lunch
  • Setting up the areas for daily jam sessions and big band
  • Moving equipment out of ensemble rooms and cleaning up the school rooms at the end of the Workshop
  • Other miscellaneous work that is needed during the Workshop week to assure smooth operations and a great experience for all participants
  • Helping to re-store Jazz Camp equipment at Stanley Middle School after Jazz Camp ends

The work to be done by Work Study participants usually begins the week before Jazz Camp (Tuesday through Saturday) and continues for several days after Jazz Camp ends (Saturday through the following Tuesday). The Work Study manager, an adult volunteer, prepares a schedule for all Work Study participants and will assign Work Study team members to the various times and work to be done.   Unscheduled tasks may also be assigned by the Jazz Camp operations team during the week of Jazz Camp as needed (for example, replacing a broken amplifier, delivering materials to teachers, moving or setting up tables for special events, etc.)

Requirements for Participation in Work Study

In order to be a Work Study team member the following requirements must be met.

  1. Must be at least a senior in high school.
  2. Preferably have attended Jazz Camp at least one time before.
  3. Available and willing to work 20 hours before, during, and/or after the week of the Workshop.
  4. Physically able to lift and carry things like amplifiers, speakers, chairs, folding tables, keyboards, drum kit components.
  5. Have an active e-mail account and pay attention to it as all communications regarding applications, acceptance, coordination and planning of Work Study are conducted by email, not phone, text messages or other social media.
  6. Have a mature responsible attitude toward the physical work needed to make Jazz Camp a success.
  7. Willing to work as a team player and get along with others, and willing to follow instructions from the Work Study manager and Jazz Camp administrative staff.
  8. Read and approve the Work Study Agreement (copy below).
  9. Complete and submit an application on this form not later than 45 days before the Workshop. (Late applications will only be considered in the discretion of the Jazz Camp Executive Director.)
  10. Receive approval and acceptance to Work Study by the Jazz Camp Executive Director.
  11. Be present for a mandatory Work Study team organizational meeting at 8:30 am on the Saturday before Jazz Camp opens, unless specifically excused for a good reason by the Work Study manager.

Application Form:

If you wish to apply to be part of the Work Study team, please fill out and submit this application form. If accepted for Work Study you will be notified by email by the Jazz Camp Executive Director.