Doyle Cooper

DoyleDoyle Cooper began playing trumpet at the age of 10. Raised in a musical family, it was always a matter of what he would play, not if he would play. He was immersed in Traditional Jazz  as the grandson of jazz clarinetist/saxophonist Woody Coats and son of vocalist Leslie Cooper.

At the age of 18,  Doyle was the Grand Prize in the Seeking Satch competition and was given the title of “Satchmo Ambassador” for the City of New Orleans. He toured Europe to share his love for the music of his home town. He graduated from NOCCA and Loyola but credits the seasoned musicians themselves for his education. Had they not shared with him and passed on the torch, his sound would be tremendously different.

Doyle has attended every Jazz fest since he was born and considers it his “Favorite Holiday”. He took some of his first steps in Economy Hall.  Doyle first performed at the New Orleans Jazz And Heritage Festival at the age of 12 with family friend in 2004 and continued to play with other bands, school groups, music educational programs and his own group, Red Hot Brass Band (in the kids tent), over the years and at the age of 24 has performed at NOJHF 42 times.  Doyle has been invited to play with The Treme Brass Band, Storyville Stompers, Banu Gibson and New Orleans Hot Jazz, Johnny Sketch and The Dirty Notes, Charmaine Neville, Jonno, Bob French, Gerald French, Walter “Wolfman” Washington, and the Low Rider Band (former band members of War).