Baron Arnold

B.ArnoldBaron Arnold fuses contemporary European elements with an already well-informed conception of American Jazz and Soul. Immersed in music from an early age and then beginning to perform professionally in his early teens around the Bay Area, Baron went on to study at the Oberlin Conservatory, where he had the privilege to study with world renowned jazz musicians Robin Eubanks, Gary Bartz, and Billy Hart among others.
After graduating from Oberlin, Baron moved to Berlin, Germany for EUJAM (European Jazz Masters), a joint postgraduate program for young elite jazz performers and composers at five European jazz schools; he attended the Jazz Institut Berlin, The Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, DK and The Conservatorium Van Amsterdam. Since graduating in 2015, Baron continues to perform in a variety of musical settings in Germany and throughout Europe, as well as in the Bay Area.

He can be heard on Richard Howell and Sudden Changes 2018 CD, “Mangaku”.