Michael Miller (“Mickle”)

From Effective Audition Strategies…to Scholarship Success

Music may not be a competition, but for over a decade, Michael Miller (“Mickle”) has mentored some of the country’s best and most talented students in the practice of giving themselves a competitive edge over their peers. Whether it be through full-ride music scholarships, acceptance to Ivy League schools, or finalist positions in any number of national/international competitions, Miller has guided students to fulfill their own wildest dreams with his own brand of dedicated teaching.

His own study of success began in the 1980’s while achieving notoriety in the Los Angeles music scene as a composer, arranger and musical director for TV programs such as Paramount’s long-running music series, “SOLID GOLD”. He would go on to work with such musicians as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Madonna, Frank Sinatra and many others, and compose the theme song for the 1984 Winter Olympics. In more recent times, he has conducted for the 2017 Grammy Awards, mentored contestants for American Idol, and has been the musical director for several ABC-TV Disney television specials.

Additionally, Mickle has been a guest speaker for Hollywood super-agent, Ken Kragen’s “Strategies for Stardom” class at UCLA — an ongoing lecture series featuring other guest speakers such as multi-Grammy-winning artists, Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie.

If you want to learn what it takes to put together an audition that helps you stand out from the crowd, come to Mickle’s 1:15 PM class on Tuesday!