Free Choice Sessions

Free Choice Classes are from 1:15 to 2:10 and range through the topics below…more are created every time. Signup lists are posted in the morning, and students sign up before 1pm. Some classes have limited space; others can accommodate (nearly) unlimited students.

Here are some examples of past classes:

Surveys of jazz piano styles
New Orleans jazz
Big Band and Latin jazz
Crazy Rhythms
Latin jazz
12 keys
Coltrane changes
Classic Tunes by Classic Guitar Players
Tai chi
B-3 organ
Melodies by Ear
Vocal jazz
Funk workshop
Ear training
Big Band
Advanced Improvisation
Arranging: Beginning Intermediate & Advanced

1 Response to Free Choice Sessions

  1. John Santos says:

    Clave 101
    Congo and Abakuá from Cuba (Listening)
    Yoruba and Arará from Cuba (Listening)
    Cuban Rumba (Listening)
    Puerto Rico & New York (Listening)

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