Free Choice Sessions

Free Choice Classes are from 1:15 to 2:10 and range through the topics below…more are created every time. Signup lists are posted in the morning, and students sign up before 1pm. Some classes have limited space; others can accommodate (nearly) unlimited students.

Here are some examples of past classes:

Surveys of jazz piano styles
New Orleans jazz
Big Band and Latin jazz
Crazy Rhythms
Latin jazz
12 keys
Coltrane changes
Sibelius Lab
Classic Tunes by Classic Guitar Players
Tai chi
B-3 organ
Melodies by Ear
Vocal jazz
Funk workshop
Ear training
Big Band
Advanced Improvisation
Arranging: Beginning Intermediate & Advanced

One Response to Free Choice Sessions

  1. John Santos says:

    Clave 101
    Congo and Abakuá from Cuba (Listening)
    Yoruba and Arará from Cuba (Listening)
    Cuban Rumba (Listening)
    Puerto Rico & New York (Listening)

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