Audition Requirements

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Your ten-minute audition is the only way for the LafSMW auditioners to place you, both in combo and master class. They are not allowed to place you based on past experience or future potential. Please review the requirements so that you walk in ready!

You will be asked to do 4 things during your audition:
• Play the following major scales in concert key: C, F, Ab, G and E.
• Play the melody and improvise at least 1 chorus on a tune from the required list below.
• Play the melody and improvise at least 1 chorus from the free choice list below, or your own selection.
• Sight-read a brief passage from a jazz etude.

Note: If you have little or no jazz or improvisation experience, don’t worry. We know you’re here to learn, and we’re here to help! This should be a fun 10 minutes for you! Prepare any tune you are comfortable playing. If you choose something not on our list, please bring your own track on a phone, iPod, or other device (with a 1/8″ headphone jack or an adapter), so that it can be plugged into an amplifier. We’ll supply the required cable.

Required Tunes
Everyone else, please prepare one of these required tunes which you feel represents your skill level – 1 being the least advanced 4 being the most advanced. You should play the melody and improvise one or more choruses.
Level 1 – Watermelon Man, Vol. 54 (easiest)
Level 2 – Autumn Leaves, Vol. 54
Level 3 – I’ll Remember April, Vol. 43
Level 4– You Do Something To Me, Vol. 51 (most advanced)
We will have Aebersold play-along tracks to use at the audition.

Free Choice Tunes
You should also play a prepared tune of your choice. You can choose a tune from this list.
Level 1 (easiest)
Now’s The Time Vol. 6
Impressions, Vol.54
C Jam Blues, Vol. 48
Level 2
Don’t Get Around Much Anymore, Vol.48
Satin Doll, Vol.54
Level 3
Afternoon in Paris, Vol.43
Stella By Starlight, Vol. 59
Level 4 (most advanced)
Giant Steps, Vol. 28
Strollin’, Vol. 18
We will have play along recordings for these tunes.
In addition:

Drummers should be able to demonstrate a swing feel, a straight 8th Latin feel (Brazilian, Afro- Cuban etc), a ¾ Swing feel, funk feel, playing with brushes and trading fours.
Bass players should be able demonstrate swing (walking), Latin and funk feels.
Pianists should demonstrate swing, Latin, funk feels and comping.

(The Aebersold Play Along Volume numbers are listed)
Click on the song title for a link to purchase the song on iTunes. You can also purchase the Aebersold Play AlongBooks and CDs at any music store, for example:

Lamorinda Music in Lafayette
Campana Music in Lafayette
A&G Music in Oakland

7 Responses to Audition Requirements

  1. Matt says:

    Where can you find the sheet music for this? Because you said in the email that you had songs prepared but I come here and there are no links to sheet music to practice on. Where can I find them if they are not here?

    • lafayettejazz says:

      Hi Matt,
      You bring the tunes that you have prepared to play for the audition. The auditioner will ask you to play something. Most of the music that we have mentioned can be found in the Jamey Abersold series of Books and CDs. Due to copyrights, most of the sheet music is not on the web. Any music store can get the music for you. A great way to learn tunes is to listen to versions by famous musicians on Youtube. I hope that helps. If not, see me on Sunday during the auditions and I will personally assist you. Bob Athayde, Director, LafSMW

  2. John says:

    How do we bring the tunes if we don’t have them?! What if we don’t have the music because it’s too late already to go buy it?

  3. John says:

    I need the required tunes.

    • lafayettejazz says:

      You only need to prepare one of the required tunes. Do you have a preference: which one? I can email you the one you need.

  4. lafayettejazz says:

    John, Check your email. Let us know what else you need.

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