Student Letter and Audition Times

On July 8 we sent an email to each registered student and/or their parents about the Student Letter and Audition times. If you haven’t seen the email, that information is available here on the website. Please be sure to read this before coming in for your audition. It gives the details of the audition requirements as well as when and where to bring your equipment. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Student Letter:

Audition Times:

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Live Concerts

Once again this year, we are proud to present LIVE JAZZ, featuring some of our gifted staff instructors, at the Big Room Theatre at Lamorinda Music on  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 8:00 the week of camp.

Tuesday: Peter Barshay, Erik Jekabson, Brian Pardo, Mark Ferber and guests.

Wednesday: John Daversa Small Band.

Thursday: Kyle Athayde and Sullivan Fortner.


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2016 Workshop Registration: Drum Spots Available

Have you already signed up for the Workshop, July 31st to August 5th?

Drum and Alto Sax are filled: so if you’re applying for those instruments, please don’t send payment, just an application. New applications will be placed on the Waiting List. We will notify you if there is a cancellation on a first-come-first-served basis.

Don’t miss out, register right away!

Have you seen who’s on the faculty this year? Some of the greatest Jazz musicians in our country! If you were here last year, you know the quality of their teaching. And…don’t forget the great food! The 1pm hour is the time when you can experiment during Free Choice period. For intermediate and advanced players, the audition tunes are on here on the website.

Audition Tunes:

If you have any questions, please contact LafSMW Director Bob Athayde: or 925-914-0797.

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Mic Gillette

We are all shocked and saddened to learn of the death of Mic Gillette, who has been a huge part of the Workshop for many years. A powerhouse of a player and always fun to be around, he brought joy and inspiration wherever he went. Please read more about our friend here.

August 5 035cropped

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Performance Audio Files

Thanks to Mr. Kerwin Lee for providing audio recordings of the individual combos at Friday’s Final Concert!

Check them out here.

Also, the Tuesday and Thursday Events at Lamorinda Music can be heard here.

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Sunday After The Workshop…

2015 was a fantastic year for the Lafayette Summer Music Jazz Workshop! The Friday performances were tremendous, it was a great year for the students and returning staff, and new teachers have told us that the Workshop is a really special place. We agree, and things are already started for next year!

On Saturday, our huge crew of volunteers helped the staff get the camp put away in record time. The workshop couldn’t happen without this amazing workforce. Sunday morning Mr. Athayde hopped on the Zamboni and spiffed up the Multipurpose room floor to start his day: he’ll be busy for a while with the final details of putting the 2015 Workshop to bed.

Everything is being readied for 2016: we hope to see you all there again! Registration will be open around the New Year.

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Friday Update

It’s been a great week at the Workshop! The combos have been working on their pieces all week, and the performance schedule for the final concert can be found here.

There are some walk-up dinners from Los Primos Market available for those that didn’t order ahead. Supply is limited so arrive early for those.

Feel free to come and go during the concert, but allow time so you don’t miss your student’s combo.

Check out the program!

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