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Saxophone (courtesy Stock.Xchng Photos) Short placement auditions are held on the Sunday just before workshop week – August 4 this year, at times to be assigned. Prepare a short jazz etude of your choice, and chromatic and major scales up to 3 flats and 3 sharps. You may be asked to sight read a simple jazz selection as well.

Musicians interested in placement in an advanced combo should know all 12 major scales, and be prepared to play an improvised piece. Bring the accompanying CD (an Aebersold CD, for example) to the audition.

Every jazz-loving musician is welcome at jazz camp, but you’ll get the most out of it if you have at least two years on your instrument and experience playing with an ensemble. Lafayette Summer Music Workshop has welcomed musician/campers from ages 12 to adult, who play standard jazz instruments – trumpets, saxes, trombones, rhythm section (piano, bass, drums, guitar, vibes), plus additional instruments (flute, for example) on an occasional basis.

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